SharkFest'17 US Information

June 19-22, 2017 - Carnegie Mellon University

* Visit to register for SharkFest'17 US.

SharkFest™ Wireshark Developer and User Conference

SharkFest, the annual Wireshark Developer and User Conference, provides expert instruction for beginners through advanced users seeking to enhance their skills in the art of packet analysis. The immersive educational experience covers a broad range of topics, including security, troubleshooting, application and network performance analysis, best practices, and more. To learn more about past conferences and view session recordings, please visit

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There are only 300 seats available for SharkFest'17 US. Make sure you register today at

Three registration options are available:

  • SharkFest'17 US ONLY (June 19th - 22nd)
  • Laura Chappell's 3-Day "Troubleshooting with Wireshark" course ONLY (June 17th-19th)
  • SharkFest'17 US and Laura Chappell's 3-day "Troubleshooting with Wireshark" course BUNDLE
    (June 17th-22nd)

Option 1: SharkFest Registration ONLY (June 19th – 22nd)

Early Bird Registration Fee: $1,095 (a $200 savings) - Ends February 14, 2017

Join us for the SharkFest conference only (June 19-22, 2017). Starting with the Welcome Dinner event, meet your peers and many of the Wireshark core developers and plan your session schedule. Each day is filled with technical sessions covering network troubleshooting, network forensics, Wireshark tips/tricks, and more. Network with other attendees during breaks and lunch. Join us in the evenings for events tailored to the Wireshark community.

Option 2: Laura Chappell's 3-Day "Troubleshooting with Wireshark" course ONLY(June 17th-19th)

Registration Fee: $1,095

Attend Laura Chappell's 3-day class only (June 17-19, 2017). If timing or budget doesn't allow for a SharkFest stay, you can attend Laura Chappell's 3-day Pre-Conference "Troubleshooting with Wireshark" course and learn to customize Wireshark to quickly detect the most common network problems and work with numerous trace files from "lousy networks." [Includes 1-year All Access Pass Subscription - a $699 value.] Click here for more information.

Option 3: SharkFest + Laura Chappell’s 3‐day Pre‐Conference “Troubleshooting with Wireshark” Course BUNDLE Registration (June 17th – 22nd)

Early Bird Bundle Fee: $2,090 (a $200 savings) - Ends February 14, 2017

Add Laura Chappell’s 3-day “Troubleshooting with Wireshark” course to your SharkFest Experience! If you want to strengthen your troubleshooting skills, this is a great option. Start over the weekend with the 3-Day Troubleshooting with Wireshark course hosted by Laura Chappell, Founder of Wireshark University. Customize Wireshark to quickly detect issues related to path latency, error responses, high application response times, and more. Take these skills (and your customized version of Wireshark) into SharkFest and be thoroughly prepared to soak in all the knowledge offered by some very impressive presenters.



"I am delighted, thrilled, flabbergasted, enthralled by SharkFest. I was warned that this conference was like no other and that I could well "fall in love" with it and, sure enough, I have. In addition to the high level of educational material -- so many excellent presenters! -- the coziness and camraderie amongst the community has me riveted."

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